Bettina Laier started out as an underwater photographer. Her love of the sea compelled her to want to share what she saw with the rest of the world. Moving from the "point & shoot" camera to a Canon SLR opened up the possibilities to creat wonderful topside photography as well. Bettina's work has won numerous photo contests, including the EPIC Photographic Image Contest and Ford Seahorses Underwater Photo Contest, as examples. You will never see Bettina without her camera.

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Bill hewitt has been diving since the 1960's and doing photography for about as many years. He has used many cameras underwater and top-side, but now prefers the Canon 50D. Bill is avid inventor. He has fabricated his own housings to accomodate macro & wide angle lenses, and now has added video housings for the Sony HCR HC1 to the collection.

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Check out our new HDR section. High Dynamic Range photography has enhanced our artistic abilities. It is an artform that allows photographers to capture the full range of light capable of being seen by the human eye but not the camera. Through a series of combined photos, we can display this high dynamic range of light in our photographs.



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