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From January 31st to February 4th,  I headed to Monterey via San Francisco international airport.  From Saturday to Tuesday I did some diving, some land tours, but mostly took photos above water this time.   I got to play with a Canon D60 and some really fantastic lenses.   The weather was great (sunny almost every day I was there) but the water was cold. My dive computer read about 47-50F. Of course...I dived with my drysuit. My dive buddy Jim Watt dived with a wetsuit and I don't know how he did it.  We got to use Norbert Wu's boat while he was in Florida photographing Manatees.  As we drove out through the harbor to our dive sites, we often passed by sea otters and harbor seals. Sunday brought us to a place near San Simeon where 100's of Elephant Seals were mating on the beach. A large number of people stopped to watch them or take pictures. On my last day of diving, Eric Cheng came down from San Francisco to dive with us. We did two dives that day and found a really cool jellyfish. After that, we rinsed our gear and began to pack up. This was the trip that made me decide to get the D60.  My "point and shoot"...switch this...switch that...then hope the shutter lag did make you miss the shot....camera had to go!!   I will miss the u/w conversion lenses however. 























 Above is a picture of the Monterey Bay Aquarium

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