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Favorite Links

Favorite Links

Here is a list of some of my favorite links:



               www.scuba-adventures.com   Jim Abernethy's Scuba Adventures....great liveaboard in West Palm, FL

               www.wetpixel.com   Eric Cheng's website. Great site for lots of info. I love this place.      

               www.digideep.com    Another great place for digital info. My pics won some pic of the weeks.  

               www.scubadiving.com    This is Rodale's Website.

               www.sportdiver.com    Diving Magazine    

               www.wattstock.com     My friend Jim's website. Check it out...great pictures!!

               www.diversalertnetwork.com    An interesting place to visit. Hope you never need them.    

               www.geocities.com/Pipeline/Valley/3422/index.html  scuba diving shipwreck site

               www.divegilboa.com This is where we used to play, especially for Open Water classes.

                White Star Quarry    CHECK the BlueGills on page 5!!

                Moving The OspreyII   to the hanger at the airport

                OspreyII First Flight   on July 1st

                Cats, Dogs and More Cats   our friends Laura and Eric's beloved babies

                Florida Fun  Nursing in Miami






















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