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Gilboa Quarry

Click here for Surface intervals of Gilboa Quarry & friends diving in 2002 

Gilboa Stone Quarry, located near Findlay Ohio is a popular place amongst divers.  The dive shop that I divemaster with in Essex, Ontario, uses the quarry for their open water check out dives.  The quarry is about 14 square acres in size, includes camp sites, bunk houses, food and heated changing rooms.   I like playing at Gilboa.  It ranges in depth from "walk-in" ankle depth of water to approximately 135 feet over the north wall.   If you click the slide show, you can see some of the sites that Gilboa offers.   







Underwater Sites from Gilboa Quarry & friends diving in 2002  using  a MotorMarineII & Nikon Coolpix5000


Click here to be taken to a QuickTime video of a Paddlefish This file is large. Those with dial-up should expect a download time of several minutes. For those with high speed, movie should begin right away. You need QuickTime to view this movie. It's a free download.



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That's me video taping the wall at the tubes.

Click for Oct 19, 2003

Oct 25 & 26, 2003


Pictures of Gilboa on April 12, 2003.   Taken with Canon D60/Sea&Sea Housing. Check out that Red Lincoln!






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