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Here's a picture of the Fiji Aggressor as we were taking off to a dive site from the skiff.











Here I am in the pilot house of the Fiji Aggressor. Had a great time & met great people.


One day I was at Gilboa Quarry talking about wanting to see Fiji.  I gave it some thought and 3 months later, I was aboard the Fiji Aggressor.   Live aboard's are a great way to get tons of dives in during the week. Most days you can do two dives before lunch, two after lunch and maybe a night dive if you want.  The food is great too, with snacks offered between every dive. If you want to dive, dive and dive some more....go on a live aboard.  If you are into photography, they have camera tables, dedicated rinse barrels, & onsite E-6 developing.  Some even have photo contests.  If you want to do a little sight seeing, there are limited times that you can go ashore as well.  This particular vessel has now been over-hauled, painted and moved to Tahiti as the Tahiti Aggressor.  








After a week aboard the Aggressor, four of us stayed at the Sheraton Resorts on Denarau Island (connected to Nadi by a short causeway) to off gas and enjoy the sun & beach. My dive buddy and I, took a tour up a river with "longboats" to a Fijian village in the Highlands.  That was fun. We traveled along a river gorge surrounded by hills and waterfalls.  The villagers were very friendly and made us lunch.  We met the chief and his family and took digital pictures of them.  They were extremely amazed by the LCD viewfinder displaying their picture immediately after taking them.  We got the address of the village teacher so we could send them the pictures.  Four days later, we were on our way home.









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