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The Digital Shootout traveled to Bonaire with professionals such as Stephen Frink and Jim Watt providing their expertise, as well as Julieanne Kost and Daniel Brown the evangelists from Adobe.  The team also included Berkley White from Backscatter, Dan Baldocchi from Light & Motion,  Richard & Gayle Todd from Todd Productions/EPIC.  The Shootout took place at Captain Don's Habitat & the Divi Flamingo Beach Resort.  It was a great week of shooting pictures, downloading files and making new friends.

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Click here for Photos of Bonaire


Underwater Pictures:   All underwater photos in this section except for the wreck of the Hilma Hooker were taken from the house reef at Captain Don's Habitat. It was the easiest shore diving I have ever done....just walk out to the end of the dock and giant stride in, or walk down the stairs. Either entry gets you in about 15 feet of water without fighting the surf to keep your balance with that camera!! 










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Tina & Camera, taken by J.Watt